Darrion Avant was born in 1997. He was abducted from his house. One day Darrion was at his house when he went outside to take care of the fox, that always hangs out in his backyard. A bug came and bit him and his fox. The bite ended up giving them superpowers. Then these robots came and abducted them. He fought them off with his not yet fully developed powers. In the end they abducted him. He escaped with the rest of the meta humans on Brainiac's ship. He met up and dueled Superlad9990. After realizing he was the good guy, he stopped fighting and escaped from the ship. On his way out he met a girl named Rachael Frosr and helped her out, and she later on became his girlfriend. He dated ger for a little bit, until she hurt him. He always loved her but moved on to She Cage. His best friends are JAM28 and Firestrike9990. He took the named Cyclops Jr because of his idol from the Marvel Universe.


  • Mentor: Superman
  • Weapons: Martial Arts and Hand Blasting
  • Power: Gadgets
  • Movement: Acrobatics
  • Body Type: Spark Large
  • System: PS3
  • World: PvE
  • Height: 6"0
  • Weight: 180lbs
  • Bloodtype: AB


Cyclops Jr9990 has optic blasts, super strength, and super durability and a few gadgets of his own. He has heat vision so powerful, it's two times as strong as Superman's. He can lift up to 5 tons and can withstand a lot of punches from Superman, and not even get hurt that much.


  • Favorite Food: Bacon and Steak
  • Least Favorite Food: Gummi Bears
  • Hobbies: Playing basketball, writing stories