Speed Demon


Dante Witherspoon was the slowest kid in his school. He was laughed at for having such a skinny body and couldn't run. He then came upon a girl named Angela and they became good friends since they were both treated as outsiders. Dante always had a attraction with Angela but couldn't come up with the right way to express his love to her. One day Angela told Dante that she had great power and displayed it by lift him with one arm. He told her she could always do that so she showed him by going to an alley and picking up a big dumpster and chucking it over a 8 story building. Then she set her hand on fire and then extinguished the flame. Angela then took him to star labs she could come in being a meta human test subject and brought him as a guess. He then saw an exobite in the lab being studied on. He asked the researcher if they can duplicate the tech. The guy stated no but this is an actual exobite that hasn't given powers to someone. Dante then said that man over their told me to tell you to go over where he is and help him with something. He said ok and went over to the guy. Dante grabbed the exobite having it infect him with power. Dante was giving incredible speed but suffered a price since he stole research from Star labs they banded him from the building and all Star labs compounds or grounds. So he then went to the watchtower with Angelia to diagnosis his powers and how to activate them. He possessed speed that can run circles around kid flash and lightning power on a minimal level producing at max 5,000,000 watts of pure electricity at a time. Dante then thought to himself that he wouldn't be the slowest anymore and called himself Speeddemon the most dashing kid in the world. Dante came upon a tech staff in the watch tower belonging to robin. Robin came be hind him and said he could have it if he promised to fight only for good and to never steal or consider stealing ever again. He agreed and was given the staff. He could generate his electricity through the staff packing a shocking strong attack. Robin then fitted him a suit and gave him a communicator he told him when I call you better be ready. Dante accepted and was ready to fight crime as Speeddemon.


  • Height: 5ft9
  • Weight: 128lbs