The raid was the breakout of brainiac's ship. It was started by Batlad9990 and he was assisted by Superlad9990 and Wonder Gal9990.


The raid started when, one day, Samuel Robinson was walking out of Metropolis High, and then he felt a bug bite, but thought nothing of it. All of a sudden these robots dropped on the school. They tried to abduct him. He fought trying to fight to get away. Samuel punched through a brainic bot. He seemed to have gotten super strength. He then laser beamed a few on accident. He started to get control his power. Then he thought that maybe he had more power. He stuck out his hand and an ice blasts came out. He picked up one and threw it at another. One shot a blast at him that didn't really hurt him. They all started blasting him but it didn't really hurt. Just then a piece of kryptonite hit the ground near Samuel. He started to feel weakend. Just then the robots all beat him and tied him up.

Marcus Brown also known as Batlad9990 heard of this and went to someone he could trust the most. That person was Brianna Parker also known as Wonder Gal9990. He had a plan to infiltrate Brainiac's ship and free the meta humans. Batlad9990 and Wander Gal9990. Wonder Gal9990 flew Batlad9990 up to the entrance. Wonder Gal was used as a diversion and fought through all the brainiac bots. Batlad9990 sneaked his was through to the control room. He took out all the bots protecting it. Then he freed all the meta humans and opened up the teleporter. The lights went red and all the meta humans escaped in a panic. Wonder Gal9990, Batlad9990, and Superlad9990 met up to help evacuate the ship. Everyone escaped and just as they were going to escape, the portal closed.

The brainiac ship guardian came out. The three of them battled the guardian and took down the ship. Samuel decided to take the name Superlad9990 and they decided to become a team.